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Evergreen Mentoring and Internship Program

Outcomes of Effective Mentoring and Internship

  • Contributes to employee motivation, performance, and ongoing training
  • Enables new interns to acclimate more quickly to an organizational culture and become productive
  • Provides encouragement for the intern to advance in their profession
  • Inspires mentors to develop leadership skills and advance in their own careers

Mentors and Interns Qualities

  • Mentor:
    • Utilizes strong listening skills
    • Offers frequent and honest feedback
    • Works to understand the intern's strengths and weaknesses
    • Focuses on the intern's professional as well as personal growth
  • Intern:
    • Displays commitment to professional as well as personal growth
    • Possesses a willingness to learn
    • Displays trustworthiness and objectivity
    • Listens effectively, asks questions, and connects classroom knowledge with experiences

Internship Experience

  1. Introduce interns to co-workers and key contacts within the organization. An official welcome will allow interns to feel a part of the team.
  2. Utilize the “Buddy System.” New interns will benefit from peer mentors who will show them the ropes and will receive training designed to accelerate their productivity and sense of belonging.
  3. Manager will communicate job expectations in a clear and concise manner. Encourage interns to ask questions to clarify job responsibilities.
  4. Managers will facilitate the achievement of performance expectations through feedback and a formal performance appraisal.
  5. Managers will assign interns challenging tasks and projects that offer growth opportunities matched to the intern's abilities and interests.
  6. Interns will shadow to observe how managers manage time, people, and resources.
  7. Interns will attend staff meetings and related professional activities when possible.
  8. Interns will familiarize themselves with company rules and policies.

For Mentoring and Internship Program opportunities at Evergreen please click here.
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